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Flyers and Mini-Flyers


Although the digital world is exceptionally versatile in what it can and can’t do, there is still value in a paper flyer, taken home to float around or end up on a refrigerator or kitchen table. Here are a few tips to making eye-catching flyers that share the message:

  • Consider size. Full-sheet flyers are great, but that is a lot of paper that could potentially just be wasted. Another valid option is to produce mini-flyers. These can easily be created in a Publisher document. To do this, add ruler guides: keep 1″ spacing between two rows and two columns, and a half-inch margins on the whole document. This will ensure none of your text or image gets clipped when cutting your document into four equal pieces. And presto, four flyers for the cost of one sheet of paper!
  • Color versus black and white. What is your intention when printing en-masse? If color printing isn’t in your budget, try converting all your pictures to black-and-white before you print. This way, you won’t be surprised by unclear images or poor “color” contrasts when you print in grayscale. You can also use brightness and contrast functions to lighten, darken, or even colorize the image.
  • Content to include: You won’t need to include every single thing on this list for every event, but here are some things to keep in mind as you create your flyer.
    • Name of event
    • Date(s)
    • Location
    • Time/Duration
    • Cost
    • Who’s invited
    • What to bring
    • Sponsoring Ministry/Parish/Program
    • Questions? Contact…
  • You can also check out my recommendations on Fonts, Colors, and Themes.

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