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Writer’s Tip: Invisible Journaling

Journaling helps me process. But occasionally there’s something I need go write about that I just can’t let other people happen across. For a variety of reasons.  Rather than burning the paper or shredding it or coming up with some creative (and potentially ineffective) way to destroy my writing after it’s been written, I use… Continue reading Writer’s Tip: Invisible Journaling

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Recommend me a worship song?

Starting a mini-ministry with our youth at church called “Play and Pray,” where I’ll teach a little guitar and then we’ll all play a few church / worship songs. Music has always been a form of prayer for me. There’s something about singing and playing that just lets me surrender, refocus, and remember why I… Continue reading Recommend me a worship song?

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Saint Maximilian Kolbe story and sketch

Saint Maximilian Kolbe is one of my favorite saints, and it’s his feast day today! Here are 3 quick pointers about him, in case you’ve never heard of him before: He loved Jesus and Mary, like, a lot. He started a Marian devotion community in order to learn to love Jesus as his Mother did.… Continue reading Saint Maximilian Kolbe story and sketch

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7 reasons why the world needs artists

Saint John Paul II wrote a Letter here Artists in 1999. Here are 7 quotes from John Paul II as he explains why artists are so necessary… and how the artist draws closer to God through the creative process. First of all, “The purpose of art is nothing less than the upliftment of the human spirit.” We are… Continue reading 7 reasons why the world needs artists