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Lent as a Millennial

My husband will tell you I’m fascinated with Millennials (people born between 1980-2000), and he’s right. Hence, the name of this blog, Millennial Creativity. Generations and their trends are so impactful, whether we would like to admit it or not, and it’s helpful to address those impacts so as to better reach out to one… Continue reading Lent as a Millennial

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Broken and Beautiful: Noah

His name is Noah, and he is a child of God. (This post is a combination of several things: part of my “Broken and Beautiful” pro-life mini-series, my Journal52 weekly entry, and a Creation365 entry that bends the rules a bit. I hope you enjoy this piece. It was emotionally draining to draw and to… Continue reading Broken and Beautiful: Noah

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A Hundred Inadequate Labels

I’ve been thinking about my Creation365 series, and trying to describe it to others. There are a lot of descriptive words I want to use, but none of them accurately describe my views, or my writing. And I don’t have a hundred inadequate labels (I was using hyperbole), but I am dancing around a small set of them. Here are a few:

“Liberal.” Not in the political sense of the word, but still not adequate. By using the word “liberal,” I actually mean something more like “nonconventional,” or “non-traditional,” or “new,” though none of these substitutes are fully accurate, either.

“Conservative.” Again, not politically speaking, and still not adequate. Although I do appreciate gender roles, I am not bound to them at all times. And really, I’m not over-the-top on either end of the spectrum.

“Feminist.” This word makes me shudder, because it has been used in so many bad ways. My short stories are all about women, and many of these women are in roles that are not traditionally filled by women, but does that make me a feminist? I feel like there’s a lot of baggage that comes with this word, so I’m going to avoid it.

“Environmentalist.” I am not one of “those global warming people” with insulated windows, curly light bulbs, and recycling boxes. However, I do think we should take care of our natural world, because it’s God’s creation, and no one and no thing deserves to be exploited. So, sometimes my writing has tinges of that, but not to an overbearing level, I think.

“Religious.” Well, yes, I suppose I am. I am also “spiritual.”  But I don’t think the stereotype of close-mindedness can completely apply to me or to my writing. I’ve already written two shorts about women with belief systems different than my own (I hope I did so fairly). My faith is my life, yes. But everyone believes in something.

“Millennial.” I do enjoy this label, to some extent. I stop enjoying it when people use it to call me lazy, self-entitled, incompetent, and any other negative labels. Some of us are, sure, but not all of us. I work hard, and do my best… and yes, my mind works in a certain way. But that’s not the end of my/our story, by any means.

“Pro-Life.” This is one term I won’t back down from. Every human has dignity, from conception to natural death. All of the women in my story have dignity, even if other characters don’t choose to recognize it. This does not mean that I am “anti-choice…” unless that choice will harm another human. Then, of course, I am against that choice.

I wonder if this post will affect my blog or people’s opinion of it, since I’m critiquing various politically-charged terms. Usually, the posts I write that I think will offend people are really low-trafficked posts, so I’m not going to worry too much.

How do you label yourself? Are any of your labels fully adequate? Or is it even possible to be fully defined by a label? I know I’m not. What about you?

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Sometimes, Reality is Better than Creativity

This is kind of a strange statement for me to make, considering my blog is all about creativity in some form or another. And yet, I think we all too often forsake (or at least ignore) reality and substitute it for a lesser form of creativity of our own making. Here’s an easy example: the… Continue reading Sometimes, Reality is Better than Creativity

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Every blogger / writer knows this struggle…

First, you write a knockout, awesome, highly engaging piece of writing. You’re all fired up about it and think to yourself, “Man. This is the best thing I’ve written yet. I can’t wait to share it with the whole world!” And then you post / publish / share it and…. nothing. No one bats an… Continue reading Every blogger / writer knows this struggle…

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My First Header… and its backstory

Hello everyone! I created my first blog header… it’s been a long time coming. I had it on my list of things to do, but never got around to it. Until now, that is! Basically, it’s the text, but prettier, and with my two current favorite doodles: circles and that floral repeating pattern. I considered coloring… Continue reading My First Header… and its backstory

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Blogging101: Say Your Name

As you can obviously read, my blog’s title is Millennial Creativity, and my tagline is “sharing creativity through community.” There are a couple reasons why I’m angling into the blogging sphere with these titles. The first point I should definitely discuss is the idea of Millennials. Millennials are people who were born between 1980 and… Continue reading Blogging101: Say Your Name