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TiM: a Word on Focus and Purpose

As I begin this series on Technology in Ministry (henceforth abbreviated as TiM), I want to make something clear: Technology is not Ministry. Technological savviness does not make you a good minister… nor does it make you a bad one. The foundation of all ministry in the Catholic Church is the person of Jesus Christ… Continue reading TiM: a Word on Focus and Purpose

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5 Things SeptNoWriMo Taught Me about NaNoWriMo

This morning, I broke 60K words on my novel! I was really hoping to have written 65K over the month of September, but let’s stop and be real for a second… I have 60,000 words written towards my novel, all accomplished in the span of one month! I should really break out the champagne Irish… Continue reading 5 Things SeptNoWriMo Taught Me about NaNoWriMo

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Writer’s Tip: Invisible Journaling

Journaling helps me process. But occasionally there’s something I need go write about that I just can’t let other people happen across. For a variety of reasons.  Rather than burning the paper or shredding it or coming up with some creative (and potentially ineffective) way to destroy my writing after it’s been written, I use… Continue reading Writer’s Tip: Invisible Journaling

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ROW80 Wrap-up

It’s the last bit of ROW80… I can’t not post! Even though it’s bedtime, here’s an update on my goals and my overall achievement this round: Blogging. One substantial blog post per week. Yes. I did it. I am back in the habit. Drawing. One to three posted, per week. I’m almost there. I lost my… Continue reading ROW80 Wrap-up

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Prologue or Chapter One?

Today, I broke a promise I’d made to myself: I started editing the first few pages of my novel. Yes, the one I’m currently writing for SeptNoWriMo. I couldn’t help it!… I wanted to run it through the Hemingway App and see how it fared. Apparently, I use a lot of adverbs (yes, pun intended), but my… Continue reading Prologue or Chapter One?