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A dangerous post: mixing Catholic blogs and politics

Watch out, folks… I’m going to talk about Catholics, blogging, and politics in the same post. Head for the hills! But seriously. A recent article from the Vatican talks about the potential dangers of Catholic blogs, calling them “cesspools of hatred.” I realize it’s a generalization, but as a young Catholic blogger, I am mildly… Continue reading A dangerous post: mixing Catholic blogs and politics

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Sometimes, Reality is Better than Creativity

This is kind of a strange statement for me to make, considering my blog is all about creativity in some form or another. And yet, I think we all too often forsake (or at least ignore) reality and substitute it for a lesser form of creativity of our own making. Here’s an easy example: the… Continue reading Sometimes, Reality is Better than Creativity

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New Year’s Anticipations

…because “resolutions” sounds a little too… rigid. And if there’s anything I have learned about my own creativity, it’s that rigid structure can be the death of it. Advertisements

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Blogging: a show-and-tell where everyone is interested

Just recently, I was telling my husband (probably for the fifth or sixth time) why I loved blogging so much. Advertisements

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On blogging and finding the real me

To celebrate 50+ followers, 100+ likes and 100+ comments, I’m going to share a fairly personal post: a bit of honesty, a bit of theory, a bit of advent reflecting… and a future full of hope. Advertisements

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Every blogger / writer knows this struggle…

First, you write a knockout, awesome, highly engaging piece of writing. You’re all fired up about it and think to yourself, “Man. This is the best thing I’ve written yet. I can’t wait to share it with the whole world!” And then you post / publish / share it and…. nothing. No one bats an… Continue reading Every blogger / writer knows this struggle…