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Seven Reasons I Stick with my Goals

I learned everything I needed to know about goal-setting from my Nalgene. Hear me out on this: I know myself! I do a LOT of goal-setting, and almost as much goal-ignoring. I start out strong, and excited, and then I fall on my face, two weeks in. Here’s the tricky thing about my goals: it… Continue reading Seven Reasons I Stick with my Goals

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Side-tracked by goal-setting

Procrastination at its finest, ladies and gents: getting too distracted in other goals that I don’t bother to work on the ones already under my belt. While browsing my Reader, I came across the Day Zero Project: 101 Things in 1001 Days, and I thought, that’s PERFECT (here’s my profile, if you’re interested in seeing… Continue reading Side-tracked by goal-setting