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How suffering can make you stronger

I read an article yesterday called “Why life is too short to suffer,” and while I agree with the argument, I disagree with the ultimate conclusion: Life is not too short to suffer. Let me add a caveat: suffering without meaning is fruitless. Suffering with purpose is redemptive. The original post (check it out here)… Continue reading How suffering can make you stronger

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The Problem with Divinity

I think that the root of the problem with Divinity begins with a human flaw: self-esteem issues. I know you’ve been in my shoes before: the whole feeling of inadequacy. Unworthiness. Loneliness. Rejection. Sometimes, it sucks to be human. Not always, but there are days. I could play the “Millennials” card, or the “nature/nurture” card,… Continue reading The Problem with Divinity