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5 Writing Excuses (and Why They’re All Lame)

Here’s the deal. I want to be a writer. I really do. Always have, probably always will. Even more, I want to be an author. Like, a real published author. With books and stuff. But here’s the thing: I can’t do it. I just can’t. And I have all the excuses for why I’ll never… Continue reading 5 Writing Excuses (and Why They’re All Lame)

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5 Things SeptNoWriMo Taught Me about NaNoWriMo

This morning, I broke 60K words on my novel! I was really hoping to have written 65K over the month of September, but let’s stop and be real for a second… I have 60,000 words written towards my novel, all accomplished in the span of one month! I should really break out the champagne Irish… Continue reading 5 Things SeptNoWriMo Taught Me about NaNoWriMo

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Writer’s Tip: Invisible Journaling

Journaling helps me process. But occasionally there’s something I need go write about that I just can’t let other people happen across. For a variety of reasons.  Rather than burning the paper or shredding it or coming up with some creative (and potentially ineffective) way to destroy my writing after it’s been written, I use… Continue reading Writer’s Tip: Invisible Journaling

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How I built a writing habit (cat included)

Ever since I was little, I’ve wanted to be an author. Maybe once or twice, I wanted to be a teacher, but mostly, I’ve just wanted to write. Tl;dr version: skip the back story and jump to the tips They started me young: my mother had me saying the ABCs at 18 months (I have… Continue reading How I built a writing habit (cat included)

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Side-tracked by goal-setting

Procrastination at its finest, ladies and gents: getting too distracted in other goals that I don’t bother to work on the ones already under my belt. While browsing my Reader, I came across the Day Zero Project: 101 Things in 1001 Days, and I thought, that’s PERFECT (here’s my profile, if you’re interested in seeing… Continue reading Side-tracked by goal-setting

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St. Genesius: patron saint of actors and actresses 

Today is the feast day of St. Genesius! He was an actor in the 3rd century. The story goes that St. Genesius was in a play for the emperor, making fun of Christianity. He played the part of the cstechumen, who was about to be baptized, and miraculously was converted right there on the stage.… Continue reading St. Genesius: patron saint of actors and actresses 

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How suffering can make you stronger

I read an article yesterday called “Why life is too short to suffer,” and while I agree with the argument, I disagree with the ultimate conclusion: Life is not too short to suffer. Let me add a caveat: suffering without meaning is fruitless. Suffering with purpose is redemptive. The original post (check it out here)… Continue reading How suffering can make you stronger