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Making steps towards a balanced life…

Although I haven’t achieved all of my goals to their fullest, I really feel like I’m getting my life back in order. It’s crazy how just a week or two of slacking can really mess things up. Note to self to be more attentive to my own needs, along with the needs of others.

Here are my goals to finish out the year, sorted by category:


  • Begin running again. Not yet. How is it Wednesday already??
  • Pack a real lunch every weekday. I got this… sort of. I forgot a protein for yesterday’s lunch, but there was food, and that’s a start.
  • Drink water. I’ve drank at least 1 Nalgene (32oz) per day. Goal is to bump it up to 2.


  • Novel progress.
    • Write 7K a week until I finish my novel Draft Zero. Did 2K today. Hoping to write a little more tomorrow morning before work.
  • Blog at least 4 times a week: 2 ROW80 posts made so far. I’m going to do another tomorrow or Friday about our new Archbishop (stay tuned; I am about to get all Catholic-excited up in here.)
  • Do a monthly series. #write31days is going well! Haven’t missed a single day (yet…)


  • Pray Liturgy of the Hours once a day. Only Night Prayer with the hubby. It’s a start.
  • Pray the Litany of Humility every day. Yep. Did it.
  • Attend daily Mass 2x/week and Adoration on Thursdays. Attended Mass on Monday and am going to try to take hubby to Adoration with me this Thursday.

Here’s to a strong creative finish as the holiday season sets in and we wrap up 2016!!


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