My inspiration for my Creation365 project comes from the book “Earth From Above: 365 Days” by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. I picked it up on a whim from Goodwill and I am so very happy I did. Not only will it make a great coffeetable book, but it will provide me with a year’s worth of writing topics.
A picture’s worth a thousand words, but I only give these pictures a couple hundred per blog post… it doesn’t do them justice. They are magnificent. And yet, they will give me hundreds of worlds to create, hundreds of tiny little characters that debut their voices for a little while. If I write one story per day, I will be a much better writer by the end of the year.

In addition, each page comes with a backstory on where the picture is located. The author discusses things like economic inequality, environmenttal problems, human dignity, and the like. It is slowly making me aware of some of the problems in our world, through beautiful pictures. I would like to be more aware of the world around me, and we are all called to care for God’s creation. This is one small step in that direction.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments. I hope you enjoy my stories. Constructive criticism is always welcome! Click here to read through my Creation365 posts.

Source: Arthus-Bertrand, Yann, Isabelle Delannoy, and Christian Balmes. 2005. The Earth from above: 365 days. New York: Harry N. Abrams.


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