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One Wild Venture

I havent posted a single thing to this blog in almost a year. So why now? Why today? Pope Saint John Paul II. And here’s the backstory. Facebook’s timehop feature reminded me of a picture I’d drawn in 2008, and shared to Facebook in 2011… It’s a colored pencil enlargement of a stained glass window picture of… Continue reading One Wild Venture

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The Frustrations of Relationships

I didn’t mean for that post title to sound so… negative. But I’ll leave it for now. It would be unfair to say that all relationships are frustrating. That’s just not true. But at the same time, it’s also unfair to say that any one relationship is free of frustrations. We all live and love… Continue reading The Frustrations of Relationships

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That’s what distance does to you.

Here’s some time, Here’s some space. Live it and enjoy it, But life never stays the same for long. So go ahead and live your today, And when you look back, Savor those memories of belonging and friends. You’ll wonder what you’ve already missed. That’s what distance does to you. And then you step away-… Continue reading That’s what distance does to you.

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Broken and Beautiful: Noah

His name is Noah, and he is a child of God. (This post is a combination of several things: part of my “Broken and Beautiful” pro-life mini-series, my Journal52 weekly entry, and a Creation365 entry that bends the rules a bit. I hope you enjoy this piece. It was emotionally draining to draw and to… Continue reading Broken and Beautiful: Noah