Challenges and Series

April Challenge

So my lovely husband is going to help me reach my goals in April. I want to start running again and I want to start writing again. Here’s our deal:

#1. I have to run a mile in under 9 minutes, MWF. I have to do 60 push-ups and 200 sit-ups over the course of TRS. 

#2. I have to write 1000 words per day in either my novel or as a blog post. So the good news is that I’ll be around here a bit more often!

And only after I reach goals #1 and #2 do I get my facebook password of the day. Sooo… I may not be on facebook at all for this month. But it will be worth it, striving for goals again!

Facebook and social media/technology in general is my biggest distraction to getting stuff done, second only to my attention-deficit dog who needs all the pets. And fetches. And snuggles. But he’s a good pupper.

What keeps you from creating? And how do you overcome it?


5 thoughts on “April Challenge

  1. I am absolutely in LOVE with the password of the day idea!!! Social media and blog interaction is the primary obstruction to being more productive. If I step away from all that, I may actually be more tidy around the house. I need to assess my priorities again… good luck on the working out!! Writing 1k words a day will also be awesome! I look forward to see how it goes!

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