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Tips and Tricks with Images


Pictures can really affect promotional and interactive materials. Call me a visual learner, but I am infinitely more likely to keep reading or browsing something if it looks beautiful. That’s that. Here are a few tips when working with pictures.

  • Google Search Filters. When you’re searching for an image or clip art on Google, click on “search tools” and adjust your search: looking for a specific color, or something you can commercially modify? Search tools is a good place to start!
  • Size Matters. You can always make a big picture smaller, but you can never make a small picture bigger without it becoming pixelated. Start with big pictures and work your way down. If you find an image on Google, but it’s too small, try dragging and dropping the image into the search bar. If the image exists online in a larger format, you’ll find it that way.
  • Color When You Can. Color printing is expensive, but use it when it makes sense. If you need to print in black and white, try converting your photos to black and white before you print: you’ll be able to see how they look monochromatically, and can apply the appropriate brightening/darkening filters as needed.
  • Color Picker. If you’re using a Microsoft program, you can change your text color to match the picture color. Just highlight the text, and when going to select a color, choose the “Sample Font Color” option.
  • Avoid the Skew. When resizing a picture, drag the corner squares, not the top, bottom, and side ones. This will maintain aspect ratio and keep things looking… normal.

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