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Google and Ministry

I always tell people that I prefer to let one company monopolize me at a time… hence, my love for Google. Because you can do so many things with it!

Here are my top favorite Google applications I use, and how they relate to ministry:

  • Google Inbox. For starters, you have to have a Google email to be able to access all the other stuff. But I use Inbox (instead of Mail) as my email sorter, because it categorizes my emails by Updates, Social, Payment, etc… and leaves the important ones out in the open.
  • Google Calendar. I use this in my personal and professional life; I keep my Youth Ministry events all on one “sub-calendar” and have it embedded on the website: parents and students can add my calendar to their own.
  • Google Chrome. This is my go-to browser fofor pretty much everything.
  • Google Photos. There’s a handy feature called “free up space” that takes the photos from your phone and stores them in the cloud… more room for more photos on my phone!
  • Google Maps. Helps me when I’m lost, but you can also embed your location map on your website… or drop a pin (or set of pins) and make your own custom map.
  • Google Drive. I can host and share editable documents on line, from Excel to Word to other formats. My favorite part of Google Drive is…
  • Google Forms. Easy to build anr customize, easy to read results, has a printable option, and even converts your forms results into a spreadsheet!
  • Google Keep. Perfect for taking notes on the spot when im talking to someone. No fuss and syncs online automatically.

What other Google devices do you use? Which is your favorite?

Thanks for stopping by! You can check out all my Technology in Ministry posts here.


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