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Prologue or Chapter One?

Today, I broke a promise I’d made to myself: I started editing the first few pages of my novel. Yes, the one I’m currently writing for SeptNoWriMo.

I couldn’t help it!… I wanted to run it through the Hemingway App and see how it fared. Apparently, I use a lot of adverbs (yes, pun intended), but my sentences were not as long or convoluted as I was afraid they would be.

But it brings me to a second question: is the “chapter zero” I wrote the prologue or part of Chapter One? I could really use some suggestions.

Here’s the context: my story is set in post-apocalyptic Anchorage, in a world where children have elemental powers, but lose their abilities at age 15. My story follows a girl who’s just lost her powers and is on a quest to get them back.

My current “chapter zero” is about a third of the length of my other chapters, and it showcases the moment when the MC loses her powers. My current “chapter one” occurs two days after her loss of powers, as she’s being processed through the school system and is trying to figure out what to do next.

I don’t want to artificially inflate the chapter zero to be longer, like the chapter one, but I know that some people will skip it if I call it a prologue.

On the other hand, I am pretty content with the way my first three chapters build the world, and I don’t want to delay my MC’s progress any later than it already is. Does that make sense? What would you do?

I’m going to post it on Scribeophile and see what other feedback I get there, too… If you’re over on Scribeophile, look me up in the next day or two and check out my first (very very rough) draft!

In the meantime, I can’t believe that ROW80 is drawing to a close!! Whew, time flies when you’re having fun! Here’s an update on my goals:

  • Blogging. One substantial blog post per week. I wrote this piece about how I stick to my goals. I was quite proud of it, but it didn’t get much traffic. That’s how blogging goes, isn’t it?
  • Drawing. One to three posted, per week. Shared a quick sketch of feet. I’ll take what I can get!
  • Writing. Share my World Youth Day experience through a series of themed essays: 2 per week. Ok, I didn’t share them on the blog, but u gave a micro-presentation at church as a promo for next week’s showcase.
  • Resting. Taking a day off per week and not getting hung up on things like stats and publicity. Done!
  • Complete my novel draft. Today, I hit 40K… 25K left to my goal. Like a boss.
  • Boost writing speed. Still at 3K words per hour, in two 25 minute bursts per day.
  • Schedule prayer time. I can finally say it: I signed up for an adoration hour! Thursdays. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now. I know it’s a little thing but I’m so proud of myself!
  • New goal: write two critiques on Scribophile. I did this… except I haven’t heard back from the last two people I have crits to. Awkward moment when I don’t know if they hated them or just haven’t gotten to them yet.

Thanks for stopping by! Hooray for being nearly done with ROW80 Round Three, and we’ll see you all at Round Four!


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