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ROW80… wait… it’s Wednesday already?

Be past Monday afteroon, right? My work life got really busy and we had to have the house treated for bugs (either from a camping trip or Europe, who knows), so I’m just now catching up on things. 

Here’s my rundown of goals:

  • Blogging. One substantial blog post per week. I shared an excellent re-blog on ministry from my sister site, but nothing profound from me yet.
  • Drawing. One to three posted, per week. Shared a quick sketch of feet. I’ll take what I can get!
  • Writing. Share my World Youth Day experience through a series of themed essays: 2 per week. This is my slacker goal. I haven’t finished the series yet.
  • Resting. Taking a day off per week and not getting hung up on things like stats and publicity. Monday was my day. Done!
  • Complete my novel draft. Today, I hit 31K… just 1500 words shy of my halfway mark. Like a boss. 
  • Boost writing speed. I’m tapering off at about 3K words per hour, but that’s calculated, not sustained: I’ve been writing in two 25 minute bursts which leaves me with anywhere between 2100-2400 words per day.
  • Schedule prayer time. I do have this going, but it’s not where I’d like it to be. I get distracted… but hey, at least I’m trying.
  • New goal: write two critiques on Scribophile. One down, one to go!

Question for you: how do you balance work and blogging and life? I can feel my energy levels draining and I know I need a break… what’s your go-to for a kick back recovery night?


One thought on “ROW80… wait… it’s Wednesday already?

  1. Balance is hard. For me, it’s not exactly equal. If I am writing, blogging takes a back seat because it’s more important that I write. I have been known to mark on a schedule what I am doing for the day. That doesn’t always work. I try to write in the mornings and blog later. Good luck with your goals.


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