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ROW80: tossing my other goals to the winds

This has been a very productive week in the noveling area, but that’s about it. Nonetheless, I am thrilled with my progress. Here’s my roundup so far:

Blogging. One substantial blog post per week. Nailed this: I shared some quotes on Marriage and Family, then wrote about my writing habit and my elevator pitch.

Drawing. One to three posted, per week. Nothing this week, alas.

Writing. Share my World Youth Day experience through a series of themed essays: 2 per week. I really thought I would get to this, but I didn’t. We have a World Youth Day presentation in 2 weeks, so I’ll finish it up soon.

Resting. Taking a day off per week and not getting hung up on things like stats and publicity. Monday was my day, with the holiday and all. Done!

Complete my most recent novel draft. Today, I hit 22K. Ask me how proud I am of that accomplishment. Answer: so proud. Estimated ending word count:65K. Gonna push real hard and try to get it all in before October. 

Boost writing speed. I’m using an app called Writeometer that tracks word sprints and writing speeds, and I consistently get 2100+ words per hour by doing two 25 minute sprints.  Thank God for outlining or I would be so lost right now… I wanted to be a pantser, but I’m infinitely more effective as a planner.

Personal sub-goal: schedule prayer time. Yes! This has been good for me. Makes me intentional.

New goal: write two critiques on Scribophile (see my post about that here). Editing makes me a better writer, and I enjoy reading other people’s stuff. I’ve done 3 crits so far, so why not make it my new goal?

Question for you: have you joined any writing groups? Which have been most helpful for you? I’ve done NaNoWriMo write-ins a few times, but nothing beyond that. I’m hoping that Scribophile will be a long-lasting fascination with me… If you’re over there, look me up! I don’t have anything posted yet but I just might give you a critique!


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