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My first novel’s description, elevator pitch style

Today was supposed to be super busy: I was supposed to be knee-deep in leading a high school peer ministry retreat for the weekend, and arrive home tomorrow evening, brain-dead, exhausted, and very far behind on my word count goals.

But because of a few things beyond my control, the retreat was canceled, and so I have my weekend back! I’ll take it.

Here’s how gloriously spoiled I’ve been: breakfast with the hubby (and we had real bacon instead of the turkey variety- that was a treat!); now he’s off to work for a good while (he was expecting to have the whole weekend off, but got called in)… and now I have the house to myself, with just a few chores and a whole lot of no-distractions-during-writing time!

I would have preferred to spend time on retreat, or with the hubby, but I’ll take the writing time, no problem!.But now I’m faced with a second decision… what, exactly, will I do with this surprise bonus time??

I thought I’d take a break from word sprints on my novel to actually share what it is I’m writing about. I need to design an elevator pitch, per se, so when people ask me what I’m writing, I can have something concise and coherent to share.

How about something like this:

Nikita lives in a dystopian / post-apocalyptic society where children gain powers at birth and lose them at age 15. After aging out of the system, she discovers that it’s possible to experience resurgence, or to gain your powers back as an adult, so she ignores societal expectations and escapes her world to regain her Fire, at the cost of more than she had ever imagined.

Okay, so it’s fluffy, and overdramatic, and would sound silly read out loud. But that’s the gist. A first draft of a great many… but we have to start somewhere!

As of right now I’m at 16K words, and I’m finally getting a better sense of the flow, chapter lengths, etc. According to that math, draft zero should land around the 65-70K mark, but I can already tell it’s going to need a LOT of revision.

I’m thrilled!! Well, sort of. I hope I have the stamina to push through and finally get this guy published… even if I do end up going the self-publishing route.

When people ask, “What are you writing/blogging about?,” how do you usually respond?


8 thoughts on “My first novel’s description, elevator pitch style

  1. Work hard and put your heart into it, this sounds like a lot of fun. Before you give into self publishing check out the Literary agent route. It’s what I’m doing. It’s a lot of work but completely worth it. My two cents: don’t sweat revision until your done your first draft. Let it flow and enjoy the process.


    1. Thanks for the advice!! I know very little about publishing options, but I’ll definitely keep that advice in mind. And I keep wanting to edit, but I know you’re right. Just gotta get that first draft out there!


  2. I’m at work throwing an elevator speech together myself. I was attending a dinner with my husband and some of his peers. Everything was going great. All I had to do was smile, nod, interject a word or two occasionally and then one of the men in the group looked over at me and said, “so your husband tells us you’re working on a book while he is attending the conference, what is it about?” Then all 5 of them turned to me and waited for a response. Well I told them something, but I can assure you it wasn’t pretty 🙂 You never know when somebody is going to ask.


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