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Dipping my toes into Scribophile…

Are any of you fellow readers/writers/bloggers on Scribophile? I just stumbled across it and I must admit, I’m smitten already.

I think the concept is awesome, first of all: it’s a serious writing critique group with a “karma system:” you have to give long critiques before you can even post your work. Very clever, though a bit time consuming.

My only disappointments are two: first, you can’t save a draft of the critique you’re writing without purchasing the premium plan, so you have to do it all in one sitting. Okay, fine.

Second, the website is difficult to access via mobile, and almost impossible to critique via mobile. This presents a big problem for me because I don’t have Internet and must be out and about somewhere to be able to effectively interact with the site.

Beyond that, I am very excited about starting to share my work on Scribophile… once I get my novel finished, that is. I’ve been practicing word sprints as my form of daily writing… just today, I reached 3100 words per hour during a 25-minute sprint. Woohoo! Fastfast!

What keeps you motivated to keep wtiting?


6 thoughts on “Dipping my toes into Scribophile…

  1. I need to get back to Scribophile. I felt the members were a bit too critical of my work at times, so I stopped going. I think it was an ego/self-esteem thing for me. What motivates me to write is my blog.

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    1. I love blogging too!… it’s fun, but a lot less pressure and you can write about pretty much whatever you want. As far as Scribophile, I think that’s its strength and its weakness: hardly anybody knows each other in person and so we are a little more liberal with critiques: we’re less afraid to say exactly what we think… for better or for worse. If you come back and have something to proof, I’d love to check it out! Also, I found a Catholic group and that made my day! 🙂


  2. I think if you really want feedback it may be good to get that from subscribers by recruiting them as beta readers. They might give you interesting feedback that’s not insincere. Some of my subscribers ask for feedback privately. I ask for mine openly whenever I publish. At the end of the day, writing is a reader’s game.


    1. Very true! That’s a good idea! I’ve been wondering where I will get my beta readers from. I think Scribophile will be good for grammar and word choice things but I need readers to gauge overall arc, plot, characters, etc.

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