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ROW80: Back in the Saddle Again

Why do I keep finding classic rock references in my writing? Thank you, Aerosmith. I think my husband’s music choices are affecting me…

Here’s my roundup so far:

  •  Drawing. One to three posted, per week. Not yet!
  • Writing. Share my World Youth Day experience through a series of themed essays: 2 per week. I do plan to do one this week.
  • Resting. Taking a day off per week and not getting hung up on things like stats and publicity. Monday was my day, with the holiday and all. Done!
  • Complete my most recent novel draft:
    • Begin writing for SeptNoWriMo… This week, I wrote just over 3000 words between today and yesterday… and all done before 8:00am! That’s what I’m talking about, getting back in the saddle.
    • New goal: boost writing speed. I hit a new high during a sprint this morning! 1100 words in 25 minutes.I can’t sustain it for an hour, but its a start!
  • Personal sub-goal: schedule prayer time, too. Yes! Did night prayer with the hubby last night and some journaling yesterday. Gotta start somewhere.

Question for you: will you recommend me a podcast or audiobook? I listen to Write with Impact while I run, but I also enjoyed the Cleansed. I’ve almost exhausted both, and I need something to distract me while I run!


8 thoughts on “ROW80: Back in the Saddle Again

  1. 1100 words in 25 minutes? That’s an awesome writing sprint. Congrats!

    As far as podcasts go, I don’t have any writing related to recommend, but you could try Chris Hogan’s Retire Inspired podcasts if you’re looking for anything finance oriented. Let me know if you find any good podcasts related to creativity/writing. I’d love some recommendations!


    1. Thanks, I will check it out! I’m still super new when it comes to podcasts… but I like them because they distract me from the uncomfortableness that is running… and there’s no music to mess up my rhythm 😉


    1. I don’t even intend to listen to classic rock… I’m a country girl, myself… but if my husband drives we listen to his choice of music and I must admit… it’s rubbing off on me!

      Also, Cecilia is my favorite name!! But I like the I’s over the E’s.

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  2. Not sure if your’d like this one, but my kids and I LOVE Welcome to Night Vale. It’s a fictional radio show set in a most unusual town….very Lovecraftian. They’re getting close to five years of podcasts, generally putting out two a month; all of them are at YouTube on the Welcome to Night Vale channel.


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