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Marriage and Family gems

Our Young Adults group is reading DOCAT, the Catholic Church’s Catholic Social Teaching presented for young people. Here are some of my favorite quotes from our sharing last night!

Marriage is also an everyday task, I could say a craftsman’s task, a goldsmith’s work, because the husband has the duty of making the wife more of a woman and the wife has the duty of making the husband more of a man. And thus, I don’t know, I am thinking of you that one day you will walk along the streets of your town and the people will say: “Look at that beautiful woman, so strong!” “With the husband that she has, it’s understandable!” And to you, too: “Look at him and how he is!” “With the wife he has, I can understand why!” … And the children will have the inheritance of having a father and a mother who grew together, making each other—one another—more of a man and more of a woman!

POPE FRANCIS, to young couples, February 14, 2014

There are no great discoveries and advances, as long as there is still an unhappy child on earth.

ALBERT EINSTEIN, (1879–1955), winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics

122. Why do children need special protection?

Children have to be strengthened and defended in every way. “A child is God’s greatest gift to the family, to the nation, to the world” (Mother Teresa). Children are the future of humanity. They are naturally in need of help. Moreover, they often grow up in atrocious conditions. In many parts of the world there is a lack of medical care, appropriate nutrition, elementary education, or even a place to live. Moreover, there are ongoing scandals such as trafficking in children, child labor, the phenomenon of “street children”, the deployment of children in wars, the marriage of children, and the (sexual) abuse of children. There must be a decisive campaign on the national and international level against violations of the dignity of boys and girls that occur through sexual exploitation and all forms of violence and in favor of respect for the dignity and rights of every child.

Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell the parrot to the town gossip.

WILL ROGERS, (1879–1935), U.S. humorist and actor

118. Does the family also contribute something to society?

Yes, everything that the family accomplishes internally, for itself and for its own members, is socially relevant, too. After all, a society can thrive only if things go well for the individual members of society, if they feel loved and appreciated. In the family, one can learn that prior to the marketplace logic of exchange there is an entirely different kind of give-and-take, a logic of self-giving and acceptance. The fact that individuals also learn in the family the meaning of social responsibility and solidarity likewise benefits society as a whole: someone who proves to be responsible and to practice solidarity “in little things” will be more likely do so “in big things”, too. Where does one learn devotion to the poor, the sick, or the elderly better than in the family? Where does one better understand people who are desperate, lonely, or abandoned? How does a person become sensitive to structural social ills if his own family does not set an example? The family thereby makes an irreplaceable contribution to the “humanization of society” (C. Kissinger)

There are two things that children should get from their parents: roots and wings.

JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHE, (1749–1832), German poet


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