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How suffering can make you stronger

I read an article yesterday called “Why life is too short to suffer,” and while I agree with the argument, I disagree with the ultimate conclusion: Life is not too short to suffer. Let me add a caveat: suffering without meaning is fruitless. Suffering with purpose is redemptive. The original post (check it out here)… Continue reading How suffering can make you stronger

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Recommend me a worship song?

Starting a mini-ministry with our youth at church called “Play and Pray,” where I’ll teach a little guitar and then we’ll all play a few church / worship songs. Music has always been a form of prayer for me. There’s something about singing and playing that just lets me surrender, refocus, and remember why I… Continue reading Recommend me a worship song?

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Throwback Thursday and 500 likes!

Today, WordPress told me I’ve received 500 likes on my blog. How awesome is that?​And no, I’m not tooting my own horn here… I’m partly bewildered and fully grateful that people are visiting my site and reading what I have to share.  ​It’s awesome when strangers-turned-blogging-friends read your material and like it… that’s how you… Continue reading Throwback Thursday and 500 likes!

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A dangerous post: mixing Catholic blogs and politics

Watch out, folks… I’m going to talk about Catholics, blogging, and politics in the same post. Head for the hills! But seriously. A recent article from the Vatican talks about the potential dangers of Catholic blogs, calling them “cesspools of hatred.” I realize it’s a generalization, but as a young Catholic blogger, I am mildly… Continue reading A dangerous post: mixing Catholic blogs and politics

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How my own artwork taught me a lesson

I wanted to create a nice drawing today, but I learned an art lesson instead. After two embarrassingly awful drawings that my third grade self could have done better, I decided to journal over the image to figure out why I was having such a hard time. My problem was that my motivations were all… Continue reading How my own artwork taught me a lesson