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Unsolicited Advice to Would-be Martyrs

Some friends and I are starting a cooperative blog. A few bits of my more “academic/serious” writing will be featured here within the month.

In the meantime, enjoy our first post: a thoughtful commentary on modern martyrdom from a friend of mine.

from padua hall

The execution of an old French priest at the foot of the altar of a sleepy old French town has made clear what all those who have eyes to see have been seeing for a while:  We live in an age of Christian persecution and martyrdom.  While some of us have noticed with great sadness the plight of Christians in the Middle East at the hand of Islamist jihadis, a martyrdom of a Frenchman in a French town brings the threat to our front doors.  After all, if it could happen there, why not anywhere?  If a priest can be killed in France at Mass, how safely isolated can we truly consider ourselves?

For many, understandably, this is great cause for concern.  Many Americans have the blessing of insulated lives; we easily maintain the belief that our world is not their world, and our problems are not their problems. When…

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