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A dangerous post: mixing Catholic blogs and politics

Watch out, folks… I’m going to talk about Catholics, blogging, and politics in the same post. Head for the hills!

But seriously.

A recent article from the Vatican talks about the potential dangers of Catholic blogs, calling them “cesspools of hatred.” I realize it’s a generalization, but as a young Catholic blogger, I am mildly put off by this assumption.

First of all, I hope that you, as a reader, have never looked at this site and thought to yourself, well, isn’t this the deepest darkest cesspool I’ve ever seen.

Of course not. That’s ridiculous.

I think that the people who breed such hatred and discord do so out of hurt, or anger, or ignorance, or some other misguided factors. I’m not here to make excuses for them; suffice to say that I recognize their dignity as individuals but I pray that they find their way back home to the Church. 

On a realistic note, I take care to be especially charitable when it comes to discussing matters of faith. I am most certainly happy when Catholics, Christians, and people of other faiths come to visit; I hope I have been a welcoming and hospitable blog-keeper.

Second, following in the footsteps of the Church, you will never see me endorse a particular candidate or political party. Again, that being said, I will not hesitate to share my pro-life views, social justice hopes, environmental concerns, and any human-dignity-related issues. And I welcome your comments, so long as they are made in a charitable manner.

Third, let it be known that I stand with the Catholic Church on every issue. Period. I will not deviate from Church teachings, and I try my hardest to live my life reflecting this choice I’ve made. You are certainly allowed your own free will and opinion, again, so long as it is shared in a charitable manner. 

In all things, love first. That’s why I write this blog: to share my faith through creativity and community. I believe that the best way to be in relationship is to love others and to share what you have with them… 

In this case, I have my faith to share. And here, I share it with you. Thank you for reading this blog.

Have you ever encountered nay – sayers on your blog or social media site? What advice do you have for handling opposition in a digital world?


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