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Saint Maximilian Kolbe story and sketch

Saint Maximilian Kolbe is one of my favorite saints, and it’s his feast day today!

Here are 3 quick pointers about him, in case you’ve never heard of him before:

  1. He loved Jesus and Mary, like, a lot. He started a Marian devotion community in order to learn to love Jesus as his Mother did.
  2. He stood strong in the face of persecution. Father Kolbe continued to celebrate his faith, despite the Nazi persecution.
  3. He understood self-sacrifice. Maximilian Kolbe volunteered to die in place of another man while in a WWII concentration camp. His sacrifice makes him a modern martyr of our faith.
    1. When I was in Poland, I got to venerate his relics. A powerful (albeit weird [but that’s a post for another day]) tradition. 

      Here’s a sketch I did of him for his feast day. ​

      Saint Maximilian Kolbe, pray for us!

      Where are you being challenged to follow in Saint Maximilian’s example of perseverance and self-sacrifice?


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