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Character Development: E is for Emotions

Character Development, A-to-Z Blogging Challenge

E is for Emotions

My husband and I are both writers, but we approach the topic of emotions completely differently. My main characters are women and have plenty of bright and varied emotions. My husband, simple and stoic, has straightforward male characters.

Why it Matters:

Although my husband’s characters have the same range of emotions as mine, his come in simple terms, while my characters are all over the place. Something as simple as the author’s gender can have a tremendous impact on their character’s emotional experiences.

Both of us are correct in our writings, depending on our character’s situations and needs. The important part is to remember and analyze our characters and their deep-seated feelings, and to develop them throughout the story.

Example Character: Ember

Ember stood, eyes cast upwards, liquid streaming down her face. She couldn’t tell if they were tears or rain, but both torrents were enough to waver her tiny frame, threatening to tear her from her post and clear across the valley. Her narrow chest heaved, sucking in huge gulps of air as she curled her fists in anticipation.

Another wave was coming, she knew. Her defeat or her championship were both on the brink. This battle could go either way.

And the words in her head pounder even more fiercely than the stronger wave of rain that buffeted her body backwards.

You are a disappointment. Get out of my sight.

Only sheer Firepower kept her going at this point. In both her battle and in her hope, she had given up. It was all she could do to stay standing.

And the rains fell.

Which kind of emotional scenes are most difficult to write? How do you overcome these challenges?


4 thoughts on “Character Development: E is for Emotions

  1. I write both male and female main characters, and even though I’m a woman, I find the men sometimes easier to write. And they certainly aren’t without emotion, although they may express it differently than my female characters. Some are more emotional than others though.

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