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Character Development: C is for Childhood

Character Development, A-to-Z Blogging Challenge

C is for Childhood

Banking off of yesterday’s post, B is for Backstory, today’s post focuses on the character’s childhood. Here are a few things to consider:

Who were their parents and friends?
What kind of relationship did they have with their parents and peers?
What kind of an education did (or didn’t) they receive?
What were their gifts?
What kind of temperament did they have?
What taste /smell / sound reminds them of childhood?
Where was their home?
Best and worst memories?
What things would they prefer to forget?
Did they go through a rebellious stage?
What did other children’s parents have to say about them?

Why it Matters:

Both a person’s nature and their upbringing will unavoidably affect their adult characteristics: they can choose to accept or reject their childhoods, and these things will shape how they conduct themselves as adults.

Example Character: Caili

In the arena, Caili was a high-spirited Fire. She was powerful and agile, and her smile and eyes glimmered with youthful enthusiasm and ambition, with the spark of a Fire and with hope.

She didn’t understand how the children ruled the world but the adults controlled their children. She knew that when she had the chance, she would do things right, the way they were supposed to be.
She would love her husband and raise a daughter to be the most powerful Fire in the world.

Her child would never be left alone in a damp basement, alone and cold until the next tournament.

Her child would never have to teach herself how to set algae and mold alight, to keep the cold away.

Her child would never have to paste on a glimmering grin in front of the crowd to win the hearts of millions… she would be happy already, no pretending required.

Caili knew she would do things right. She would make things better. Her daughter would be beautiful, inside and out.

What parts of your character’s childhood have shaped them as a teen or adult?


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