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I have two minutes until a bunch of files copy from a flash drive to a computer, and so I’m going to make the best of it. Here’s a short little free verse funsie that I thought I’d share. No editing, so it’s rough. But that’s good sometimes.

Or perhaps I mean genre.
Or perhas the most correct word is style.
All of my writing is dark,
or maybe not dark either,
What’s that Italian painting word?
I’ll have to Google the spelling later.
Light and dark.
Bright and dim.
Sharp and hazy.
My writing is always asking for redemption.
What I have, where I am,
has nothing on
what I will be gaining,
where I will be going.
Life is a contrast,
a journey,
and I guess I’ve always been attuned to that.
Call it theological overtones,
or optimism,
but I love a good story of redemption.
I love change.
Or at least,
I love to write about change.
Whether the change actually occurs in my life
remains to be seen.
It’s equal parts awesome and terrifying,
to change your life,
or to affect change in another’s.
I don’t know which is more difficult,
or if I am truly capable of either.
But in the flourishing world of literary beauty
where everything is possible,
I believe in change.
And I hope that the change I write
will be the change I affect in my life
and in the lives of others.


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