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The Frustrations of Relationships

I didn’t mean for that post title to sound so… negative. But I’ll leave it for now.

It would be unfair to say that all relationships are frustrating. That’s just not true. But at the same time, it’s also unfair to say that any one relationship is free of frustrations.

We all live and love and learn differently, don’t we, and learning to integrate our differences is more challenging than we are sometimes willing to deal with. I’ve been dealing with what I think are tension headaches, and I’m doing my best to ease that tension.

I journaled a page and a half of all the things that were worrying me. Journaling always helps me to see things a little clearer. I counted: 22 of my 33 worries have something to do with relationships. And I was being generic.

Let me interject that I am not by any stretch of the imagination in a bad place in my life. I am blessed beyond measure, but still facing a lot of transitions, and change, even good change, always has the potential to be stressful.

I suppose this is where relationships come in. We all live in community. We rub elbows with people all the time, metaphorically speaking. And sometimes, that can be frustrating.

But that’s part of being human. Everyone has to interact with others sometime. We live in community. And community allows us to grow.

It’s part of my blog tag: sharing creativity through community. For better or worse, I do live in a global community. It’s for the better, I think. There is too much beauty to say otherwise.

So join me. Let’s learn to love our community together. Even through the frustrations, we can still grow.

What’s your biggest community challenge right now?


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