Recently Acquired Free Paper!


Now, usually, I’m not one for much ephemera in my art journal pages… maybe that’s my downfall as an art journalist. Part of the reason could be attributed to the fact that I first of all don’t know how to pronounce “ephemera” (where does the emphasis fall?), and the other reason is because all that fancy stuff is so stinking expensive!

But when I find free ephemera, I take it, no questions asked.

At work, I’ve been asked to sort through 8 boxes of old newspaper files from 1950-1990 or so. I am to save the pictures and any significant documents, but recycle the rest.

Not only did I find an awesome picture of Jimmy Carter in front of a 12 foot tall smiling peanut, but I found a ton of awesome paper textures! Apparently they used awesome paper whenever they had to type documents in the ’50s and ’60s. Either that, or it just ages exceptionally well (or exceptionally bad. I don’t really care which, as long as it looks good).

I’m keeping some paper scraps- ones that are blank or mostly blank that I can reuse- and also some old newspaper clippings, for the color of it all. It would have been recycled anyway, so I’m up-cycling, per se.

I’ve also found those curly bindings in paper packets. If they don’t break when I pull them free of the paper, I keep them for future projects. Yay! It’s like a gold mine to me. I am positively delighted in it.

Any suggestions for projects?


2 thoughts on “Recently Acquired Free Paper!

  1. I really like putting pictures on top of paper before putting it into a frame. You could also use it in a scrap book! I’m not sure if either of those things appeal to you, but that’s definitely something I would think to do with it!


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