Faith · Lent

Living Intentionally

I want to spend my Lent living more intentionally. I want to do things well, and with purpose, and with lasting effect.

My husband is a polar opposite to me in this field. I’m flitting about doing tons of work as fast as I can, because I always overload myself and have too much to do… and here’s my husband, working diligently on one focused thing. While I’ve done 5 things only mediocrely well, he’s solidly accomplished one thing and has given his full attention to it.

I want to be like that.

This Lent, I’m doing a pilot Lent journaling program, if you will, posting things here to keep me accountable. Writing is one of my strengths, and I’d like to use my gifts for others. You are more than welcome to use these prompts in any capacity you so desire throughout the upcoming 40 days.

I promise I won’t just be posting Lent-related things, either. But it’s definitely on my mind, since tomorrow is Ash Wednesday.

Have a blessed Lent. Thanks for stopping by!


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