Lent · ROW80

A Return From Haitus the Second


I’m really not intending to be antisocial in the blogosphere. My life has just been really crazy as of late. I’m going to adjust my ROW80 goals, so they actually match my life again, and really stick to them this time. Rededication.

Lent is coming, and I’m trying to think up what to do. I always overdo it a bit, so my hope is to align my ROW80 with my Lent and not have them interfere with each other. I’ll do another post on Lent today or tomorrow. In the meantime…

ROW80 Goals:

1. Finish a “draft zero” of my novel.

2. Read the New Testament (starting with the Gospels) with my husband.

Just 2. They’re both simple, so I hope they’ll be attained. Fingers crossed! I’m one of those people who consistently bites off more than they can chew. Anyone else have the same problem… or any suggestions on how to fix it?


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