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Music + Painting = Living

I tried something I’ve not done before: speed painting. I am usually pretty hesitant because I don’t want to “waste” nice canvases, but I decided I’d paint over them if I didn’t like them. Then I got on a roll and did three. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

I painted to the tune of my favorite choir song, Music of Living. I’m emotionally attached to that song. It brings back a million wonderful memories. This isn’t my choir singing it, but they do a pretty good job.

Then I did a painting, all within the 3 minutes of the song. Here’s how it came out:


The head was too big, but I was all wound up, heart pumping, with excitement. I’d blackened two canvases to use, so I did it again.


Still awesome. Then I was curious. What if I did it on white canvas? So I did.


I was a little disappointed that the paint didn’t flow as well on canvas, but that made sense. It was still pretty.

Then I had to clean up, and there was a lot of leftover paint. Mixed, so I couldn’t re-bottle it. So, on a whim, I painted my hand. Which was delightful. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


I want to do a performance painting (without the whole slinging paint and dancing) during a talk Saturday, on a great big canvas. I’ll have to practice some more.

Any tips from you painters and artists out there? I’m just getting my feet wet.

Thanks for stopping by!


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