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LoveMe Challenge: Days 1 & 2

Okay. Don’t look at the calendar. I’m doing this at my own pace. No shame. That’s the point of this challenge anyway, right? Well, sort of. It’s complicated.

Anyway! Here are days 1 and 2 of the challenge.


1. Why are you doing #loveme?

This one is the complicated one. I have mixed feelings on the idea… I can’t quite articulate them to a satisfactory degree. I want to do #loveme because I enjoy self-discovery, and I know this project will provide fun prompts.

I also hope to gain more confidence and connection in my relationships with others. I want people to see me as a real person, relatable, more than just a url. But more importantly, I want to see others, and my hope is that this will get the conversation started: if not here, then at least in the minds of my readers.

Half the battle is in getting moving in the first place.

2. A photo of you.

This one’s easy. Some people are going to think that I’m cheating in using this photo, but hear me out.


I chose this photo because I think it describes me in a unique way. I’m not one for perfect, multi-filtered selfies, and it’s actually not related to self image.

Part of my choice to use this photo really is boring: I haven’t revealed my identity on this blog for the purpose of security, and I have no intention to start doing so now. I’m American. Female. Catholic. I bite my nails, in case you can’t tell (pauses, waits for everyone to return after scouring the aforementioned picture for little fingernails). There’s some basic stats for you. Those kinds of stats don’t matter today.

The second reason I chose this photo is because of this: I am a creative person, and I define myself by that notion. I love arts and crafts, color and stories, nature and adventure and community. All of these things shape me. They provide the perfect picture of me.

And I hope that some part of me is reflected in you, or you in me. We are alike, humanity. We all live, we love, we hope and despair and try again.

Join me on this journey. I would love to hear what you have to say!


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