A Great Adventure

May I briefly apologize for my recent absence. I was in Washington DC for the March for Life and have been finishing up the trip and recovering over the past few days. But I’m back! With a new post and several new ambitions.

This week’s Journal52 prompt was called Silhouettes, and I did just that. I intended to make the background colorful, but my sharpies were downstairs, and I decided I liked the simple black and white, anyway. Or, I’m being lazy. But it’s still pretty!


It’s sharpie on paper, about 3″×4″.  I chose this theme of newness after a discussion with my husband. This is our first full year together (we married in May), and we are so excited to see what’s in store for us.  While there are lots of unknowns, we are both so happy about the new opportunities that await us. We are off on a great adventure, and I can’t wait to see where the journey leads!

In other blogging-related news, I’ll be resuming my Creation365 series tomorrow, and will post a Wednesday ROW80 update with some new goals soon… not to mention some overdue updates on my Pro-Life project, Broken and Beautiful. And, I painted two canvases today! I’ll share those soon too.  So many exciting things are happening! Thanks for joining me on this adventure called life!


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