ROW80 and my Hundredth Post!


I’ve made 100 posts on this blog so far: reflections, short stories, projects, artwork. It has been a wonderful adventure, having this blog. It’s made me infinitely more intentional about being creative.

The part that makes me so proud is that no one I know in real life actually reads or follows this blog on a regular basis. All you readers like me for my content, not because you’re trying to appease me. It means a lot.

I want to fill this post with lots of inspiring words, but I just don’t have any right now. That’s the annoying bit about blogging… there’s always just a tiny bit of pressure to produce good material. I don’t have much to say today, but over the next few days, I’ll certainly have more content.

Since i started blogging with ROW80, I might as well make it my hundredth post. Here are my updates:

Theme: no work yet.

Creation365: up-to-date. I owe you a post tonight.

Broken and Beautiful: I haven’t been posting daily but I’ve been thinking about my content. More to come this week.

I’ll be traveling to Washington DC tonight to participate in the March for Life, so you might not hear too much from me over the rest of the week. We’ll see how it goes- the blogging, not the trip. The trip will definitely be awesome.

Thanks for reading my work! It means a lot to me.


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