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Broken and Beautiful: Noah

His name is Noah, and he is a child of God.


(This post is a combination of several things: part of my “Broken and Beautiful” pro-life mini-series, my Journal52 weekly entry, and a Creation365 entry that bends the rules a bit. I hope you enjoy this piece. It was emotionally draining to draw and to write.)

My cousin had a miscarriage a while ago. I don’t know if miscarriage is the right word. She had her baby a month early, and he survived for a day or so, then passed away.

His name was Noah, and I never saw his face. I never heard him cry. I never held him in my arms. All I saw of him was the tiny casket he was placed inside, and his tiny burial plot. He could have been carried out by one person. His four uncles seemed to be too many, too crowded around the little box as he was escorted out to his final resting place.

I never want to attend another baby’s funeral as long as I live.

After the service, around the gravesite, we said some more prayers (more for our benefit than his, of course. I’m sure Noah went straight to heaven). At the end, we were invited to sprinkle holy water on his grave and his casket on our way out.

When I took the sprinkler in my hand, I offered a good shake onto the grave, and another onto the casket. I said to him in my mind, “I can’t wait to meet you, Noah. You are already so very loved.”

I wish that for every single child. I wish that every life would be loved and welcomed with security, gentleness, and humility. Noah was- and is- loved, from the moment he was conceived. I have no doubt about that. 

You see, I want to live in a world where life is welcomed as the precious blessing it truly is. I want to live in a world where every generation is allowed the chance to be born, to flourish, to really have the chance to live.

Here’s a stunning fact: a full 1/3rd of all Millennials died from abortion.

For every two of us, a third person is missing.

How many friends have I lost to a senseless death? How many beautiful souls like Noah were not loved, accepted, or wanted, and subsequently disposed of?

Dear child of God, I love you. Dear reader, I love you. Dear father and mother who may have once made a bad decision, I love you too. All is not lost, don’t you see? There are millions more who could live, a part of the next generation on our doorstep. Doesn’t everyone deserve life?

Noah deserved life, even if he only lived one day. That day changed my life.

To all the Noahs out there, children of God, and to their parents: you are loved beyond your wildest imaginings. Don’t ever forget it.


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