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Late-night Prayers

So I haven’t posted my daily Creation365 today, because I’ve been busy, and the book is downstairs in the dark, and I don’t feel like retrieving it. I’m tucked in for the night, but my mind’s not wound down yet. Maybe you know how that goes.

I just want to say a quick prayer for my friend in the Navy. He lives far away from home and I miss him. We have a weird sort of fluctuating relationship that I hope grows more over the next few years. God bless this kid. He means a lot to me.

I have another friend that I grew up with who’s facing a lot of transition too. He’s working the retreat of his dreams, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to be there to support him. He’ll be moving and looking for work in a different community, and I wish him the best. May it be everything he dreams of.

I like threes, so I’ll add one more friend and call it a night. She’s been having a lot of health-related problems and some problems in finding a good, stable job in her field. She is the sweetest thing you ever could meet, with lots of funny quirks and a cute kitty we play with.

She’s my friend that I just hang out with, no expectations, no big activities, just hanging out, watching movies, and enjoying each other’s company. I love her to death too. May God keep her safe and help her find fulfillment in the future.

There are some people who aren’t just your friends… they become your family. These are three such people. May God bless them for being so good to me. I am so grateful to have them in my life.


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