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12 apps to improve your blogging and your life

Before I download an app, there are three criteria that the app must meet: it must be free, visually appealing, and perform some unique function. Note that I have an Android, and all links go to the Play Store. I’ve not tested the apps on an iPhone because I don’t have one. Sorry about that.

The following list includes my favorite phone apps that didn’t come with my phone. The first 6 are related to blogging, and the rest are general life apps I like. Enjoy!

1. WordPress. Best Blogging From Your Phone Award. Seriously, I was worried that blogging from my phone was going to be a pain, and it hasn’t been… quite the opposite. My phone is my primary blogging connection. I’m on the app right now, typing this up.

2. Keep. Best Quick Note Taking Accessory. This app allows for quick notes or voice recordings that appear as sticky notes all in a double row. You can change the colors of the notes and delete or archive them when you’re done. Great for things you don’t want to forget.

3. Writeometer. Best App for Reward-Oriented Writers. Do you like to reward yourself for your writing? Then get this app. You set a writing time, and type in prizes or rewards to give yourself. Plus, it tracks stats on your writing projects, and you can set up reminders so you don’t forget.

4. Corel Painter. Mobile. Best Quick Header Image Creator and Best for Heavy Graphics Work. This is my heavy-duty art phone app, complete with layers and all. There’s a function where you can divide the drawing screen into multiple wedges, and it mirrors your drawing, creating a kaleidoscope effect. It won me over just with that feature, but the rest of the app is great too.

5. Photo Grid. Best Multi-Photo Conglomerater. Need to mash a bunch of pictures together for a tutorial? This app is perfect for that. You add your photos and can basically customize anything you need to. Great app.

6. Phonto. Best Text Plus Photo Masher Upper. I was amazed by how many fonts are on this app. Add text, alter your image, colorize it, etc. Good for making headers for blogs.

7. Seven. Best App For Those Who Hate Working Out But Know It’s Good For Them. Get this: One workout. 7 minutes a day. I hate working out, but I can stand this one. There are 12 different workouts done for 30 seconds each. Go at your own pace, but even so, it definitely makes you break a sweat. Also tracks stats and rewards you for continued exercise. I need rewards.

8. Gas Buddy. Best Money-Saving App. Wondering where the cheapest gas is near you? Just look it up! Search by typing in a city/state or search for nearby places using your GPS. I never buy gas without first consulting Gas Buddy. I’m hooked.

9. Overdrive. Best Library Audiobook App. Of the four library cards I have, two of them gave me access to Overdrive. It’s worth checking out, especially if you like ebooks and audiobooks. I listen to audiobooks during long drives, and they make the time fly. It’s free if your library takes part in it!

10. Blendoku. Best Colorful Time-Wasting Game App. I. Love. Color. This is the perfect app for me. Arrange the tiles by color. There are lots of levels, with increasing difficulty. Fun stuff.

11. GroupMe. Best Group Text Messaging Service. Need to send a group text message but are tired of having to download every response? GroupMe works with smart phones and basic SMS phones, so everyone can participate, and only has to text their personal GroupMe number. Their message gets distributed to everyone. Without the data usage.

The last award goes to Best Messing Around With Art App, in which there is a tie:

12a. Magic Art. Best Psychedelic Color Experience. Kind of like a cross between fireworks and outer space. Colors, colors, colors. I could play with it for hours.

12b. Paint Joy. Best Art With A Playback Feature. Draw a picture, then click play. The app records the pen strokes you use and will play them back to you at double (up to 12x) the speed. Makes me happy.

Bonus: For the ladies: OvuView. Best Fertility Tracking App. It’s colorful, and it tracks everything: temperature, symptoms, mood, cramps, hunger, etc. If you’re into that kind of thing- Natural Family Planning or just paying better attention to your body’s natural cycle- this is the best app out there.

Which app(s) did I miss? Add them in the comments!


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