ROW80 Check-in: The anticipation is killing me


Do you ever have that feeling where you just want to skip ahead? As in, “okay, I get this part, now let’s jump into something ese.” Or, “gosh, this is boring. Let’s get to the good part.” Or even, “what am I doing with my life? If only I…”

I’m at that point, in many places in my life. I’m trying to be patient, because there are already lots of good things in my life, but I’m on the verge of many changes, if I can just hang on a little longer.

Like in my Creation365 goal: I’ve written every day this week, but I’m hung up on today’s picture. It’s pretty, but not overly story inspiring. Ah well. Push through. The next week or so are full of stories.

My tutorial goal is still going well, no worries there.

My blog theme goal: well, I haven’t had much time on a desktop lately, so I haven’t had to deal with its looks. So that’s still in the works. 

(I couldn’t remember my last goal… had to go look it up. Whoops!) My plan to develop a no phone challenge: nada. I think this may have to be a February goal. My January isn’t giving me the time I need to really make this work well.

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3 thoughts on “ROW80 Check-in: The anticipation is killing me

  1. My January is turning out like that too. I have a lot of projects, but all the little stuff is getting in the way. Need to stay focused.

    Keep sitting down, keep working! I’m working on cutting back the phone time too. Good luck!

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