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Sometimes, Reality is Better than Creativity

This is kind of a strange statement for me to make, considering my blog is all about creativity in some form or another. And yet, I think we all too often forsake (or at least ignore) reality and substitute it for a lesser form of creativity of our own making.

Here’s an easy example: the following link. These are some really beautiful ice and snow pictures. Frozen has nothing on these actual photographs of real winter in all its beauty. Check it out:

My second example has to do with writing. I’ve been doing mini-stories based on pictures from the book “Earth From Above: 365 Days.” These little stories are fun and I think over time, they’ll make me a better writer, but I’m sure my little tales have nothing on the real places, the real people who live there and interact in the environment every day.

This leads me to my third example: human relationships. One of the things I want to do with my blog is to begin some kind of a “No Phone Zone” Challenge (awkward name definitely pending) that challenges people to go two weeks without using their phones in front of other people.

This idea has been on my mind for quitte some time now. I have watched, time and time again, as phones (artificial creativity) destroy social interaction (with real people). I see people checking facebook / instagram / [insert other media here] instead of talking to the person in front of them. I’m guilty of it myself. How destructive is that to relationships, when our actions say, “Hello, I see you in front of me, but really I’m more interested in these people here on my phone, so I’m going to ignore you and talk to them instead. Just wait a minute.”

My thesis is this: there is nothing we can create that beats reality. Our works of art support us, facilitate interactions, build community, and a million other good things, but if it comes down to choosing between our finite, temporal creations and God’s human, infinite creations, we should definitely choose his first. He will inspire us, guide us, grow us, challenge us; he even has our artistic and creative efforts in mind. How else would we be surrounded by incredibly intricate people, environments, nature, weather, and the like?

The world is already full of beauty. We should integrate it into our work, but it would be foolish to think that we could ever trump it. I challenge you to think of one way you have been wowed by reality today: in another person, in nature, in the interactions of everyday life, etc. I promise you this: recognizing that reality will not stifle your creativity. It will ignite it.


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