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New Year’s Anticipations

…because “resolutions” sounds a little too… rigid. And if there’s anything I have learned about my own creativity, it’s that rigid structure can be the death of it.

Okay, mostly, I just want to reflect for a bit about the past year, and look forward to the future. I graduated college this year, got married, joined the work force, started a blog. You know. Grown-up stuff (except for the blog- this isn’t really a grown-up thing… you get what I’m saying though, yes? Okay then).

This year will definitely hold a lot of changes: I’ll be moving at least once (my first big move… gulp!), and will definitely have the opportunity for a lot more independence, and hopefully a little more flexibility in my free time. I’m hoping for a tad bit more time to pursue whatever creative ventures I embark upon.

You know what else I’m hoping to do? I want to get off this blasted phone a little more often! I’m not addicted to it, but I know I do have a problem. I need to love the people around me rather than being caught up in my phone. For shame.

I downloaded an app called “Checky,” which tells me how many times I’ve checked my phone over the course of the day. Today’s total: 39 times. I was pretty surprised by the number- I was bracing myself for somewhere around a hundred. So, for the new year: get my eyes off my phone and live and love and create in the real world. There’s a time and a place for phones, but I need to monitor that a little better. Baby steps.

If you’re looking for a kick-start for your creativity during this coming year, I may be so bold as to make a recommendation to you: try ROW80. It’s a community that motivates each other to keep writing, setting goals, and sharing our work with others. The next round starts early in January and runs through March. You can check it out here:

All right, I think that’s enough shameless promo-pitching for the day. Or even for the year, maybe. I’ll be back to blog more at the start of the New Year. I hope your 2014 was blessed, and I hope 2015 treats you even better! Thanks for stopping by, and see you soon!


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