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Simple crocheted scarf

Hi all. Here’s my first crochet project I’ve shared on my blog: super simple (also, stunningly soft) scarf! …and bonus points for alliteration.

It’s really long- made to be wrapped

around the neck twice and still have plenty of tail. I made it for my brother-in-law, but I want to keep it! I’m more sharing it for the picture than for a tutorial, but Hhere’s all it is, in case you’re curious:

Chain stitch for as long as you so desire.
Chain 2, turn, dc the whole length.
Make 5 total rows of dc.
End with a row of slip stitches (or single crochet, whichever you prefer).

I used a size M hook and 2.5 balls of Lion Brand Hometown USA yarn.

I suppose I can count this as Create Before 8 because I started it at 7:45 this morning… and finished it by 9:30 tonight. Yay!

Have a happy day, all… I’ll post again once I’ve safely survived the weekend.


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