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An Advent / Arts Post

Double-duty post this time: a quick doodle plus a quick advent reflection. Win-win, right?

First, the picture. It’s made on my phone (a Samsung Galaxy Note 2) using an app called Paint Joy (found in the Play Store… don’t know how to link to it…). Can I just say that I like this app a lot? The best part is that there’s a play button on each picture you draw and you can replay- in fast speed- every single stroke you put into that picture. It’s fascinating.

Second, the advent reflection. Today is Gaudete Sunday (the pink candle in the advent wreath) and it got me thinking about ways I can be more joyfully anticipating Christ. My Christmas mood is right on schedule… translation, I actually allowed my radio to play Christmas music, and I plugged in some Christmas lights. Those are big steps for me!

Secularism aside, I do want to enjoy this last bit of Advent before Christmas. Maybe I’ll do a post about the mind-blowing awesomeness of the incarnation later in the week. For tonight, it’s sufficient to say that I am counting my blessings tonight and enjoying a happy weekend with my family and friends. God has blessed me so very much, and I want to return the favor by being his hands and feet. Come, Lord Jesus. Maranatha.


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