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This post is all about you.

For realsies. I want to know about YOU, the person reading this. The quickest poll you ever did take:

1. What time is it where you are?
2. Are you on a phone or a desktop?
3. How did you get here? (Follow a link, from WordPress reader, etc)

I’m trying to make this a better blog.


I want to know when to catch my readers at a good time. I have a tendency to post late at night, but if most people read around lunch time, then I’ll post during the day.

If people read from their phones, I want to make my site super mobile-friendly; if you’re on a desktop, then I’ll pay more attention to how mine looks. I’m more of a mobile-poster, really. I’m only on my desktop website maybe once a week.

And, how do you find your way here? Are you following links to get here? Am I showing up in your reader? Do you follow me on WordPress?

Those are your questions: time, place, link. I would love to hear your feedback to make this a better blog for you!

Thanks for stopping by!


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