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ROW80 Check-in


Not too much to report, but I want to do so just so I haven’t fallen behind. Been another busy weekend, but that’s how this month goes.

1. Create Before 8.

I’ve been a little sick, so I sleep in. Been creating throughout the day though. I also just got a set of paints and some canvas this past Saturday. Guess who’s having an arts and crafts party tomorrow?!

2. Advent reflections. Definitely slacking, but lots of ideas rolling around. I know they don’t count for much until they make their way onto the paper, but it’s a start.

3. Comic book. Been doodling, practicing sketches and studying technique, but no real progress on that front either.

Summary: three big “kind-of” progressions toward goals. But, here’s some positivity to think of: I’m still blogging, still loving it, a month and a half in… and have 51 wonderful followers! You guys make me happy.

Thanks for stopping by! I’ll catch you again in the morning- got a scheduled post coming up bright and early!


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