Creativity · Faith

A Study of Sketches

Ten sketches of the same cross (done in about 45 minutes).

Artistically, it was really interesting to watch my style develop and have a better attention to detail as I went on. Spiritually, there were a few moments while I was drawing that Jesus jumped off the page and surprised me (metaphorically, of course). The more I drew him, the sadder / more contemplative he looked. This project, like many pieces of mine, is a prayer as well as a practice. Both practice and prayer make perfect… or head in that general direction, at least.

I love this cross… we keep it hung in our bedroom. It was a gift to my husband and I. I think it’s pretty and intriguing, albeit theologically irrelevant. I hope you enjoy it!

My favorite part of this project: I get to practice a lot of stetching skills, multiple times in a row. I can see progress, which is pretty rewarding too. None of them are perfect but a lot of them have little good parts here and there.

Things to work on for the future: guy lips. I just can’t. It’s really annoying. I can even do a nose, but lips? Not happening.

Have you ever done anything like this before? What’s your biggest sketching challenge?


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