My Very First Liebster Award!

I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Roxanne Y. of A More Creative MeThank you so much for the nomination! It did take me a little while to get around to completing my part of the award, but it was definitely worth it.


What is a Liebster Award, you may ask? The following is copied from Roxanne’s blog (she did a very good job of explaining the Liebster Award, and I saw no reason to re-write it):

“While there is no official rule page, Lorraine at Wording Well has provided a very thorough rundown of the different variations of the Liebster Award.

In short, this blog award is given to bloggers with less than a 500 hundred followers to recognize them and spread the love to new bloggers. So basically, the nominees accept the award, answer the nominator’s 11 questions, nominate 11 other bloggers, and create 11 new questions for them to answer. (This is just one of the variations though and so I encourage my nominees to do the version they are most comfortable with!) I would also encourage to follow the other 10 nominees if inclined to do so.”

So. That being said, here are my 11 questions  to answer:

1. What’s the hardest part about blogging?
For me, it’s the time. I love to write, but I have to consciously make time to write or I can fall behind really, really easily. It’s a good part and a hard part of blogging: keeps me challenged to prioritize and keep moving forward.

2. I can’t survive without _____.
My husband. ❤ he means the world to me. We have to be apart sometimes because of his career, but I’m always a better person when he’s with me.

3. What’s your favorite food?
Ooooh no fair. There are too many. …fine. Pomegranates. I love fruit in general, but pomegranates are perfect because I love all the little detailey picky micro work it takes to eat them. I could do it for hours.

4. What would you do if you won the lottery?
I’d donate a considerable chunk to local charities (sounds cliché but it’s definitely true) and then I’d open an art studio / shop / community creative space / retreat center. I have always dreamed of running a retreat center out in the backwoods.

5. Favorite season
Autumn, 100%! The colors are awesome and I like to dress in layers, so it’s a win-win.

6. Team Android or Apple (or neither)?
Android. I love having a menu and a back button. Apples make me crazy.

7. Favorite song and/or artist
Country music as a genre (yes, I realize that wasn’t the question)… current favorites are “Friday Night,” “Leave the Night On,” “I Don’t Dance,” and “Like a Cowboy.”

8. What’s for dinner?
Lame. I had PB&J because I was too lazy to do anything else. But last night I had Reubens Casserole! Love me some good old German sauerkraut.

9. If you could go back in time, what year would you go to and why?
I want to say Vatican II, how big of a church nerd am I… but I hate the 60s. But there is such a big catechesis gap that I would have liked to help. For the theological turns, Vatican II. For the classy culture, maybe the 50’s? I don’t know. Today is fine by me.

10. How many languages do you know? (Speak, or read, or write, or understand…)
English, Pig Latin, Ubbi-Dubbi, and I can fake a good deal of Spanish, but definitely am not fluent by any stretch of the imagination. I’d like to learn a language with non-English characters- Chinese or Korean or something pretty-looking.

11. How do you sleep? On your side, stomach, back…other??
On my stomach: one side’s limbs bent, the other side’s stretched out straight. And I roll over at least twice before I fall asleep. And I can’t sleep unless my feet are warm.

I nominate the following for the Liebster Award:
1. Openinkstand Art & Calligraphy
2. Caught Read Handed
3. This Caring Heart
4. Shanjeniah
5. Melissa Barker-Simpson
6. Euriana
7. Art and Whimsy
8. Amelia Writes.
9. my so called artist life
10. Apiring Writer 22
11. The Written Word Remains

And here are the 11 questions I’d like for you to answer:
1. I started blogging [number of] months/years ago because…
2. My favorite holiday tradition is:
3. Favorite landscape: woods, beach, mountains, desert… others?
4. When I was growing up, I wanted to be ______. This has / hasn’t changed, because…
5. Describe your dream home.
6. Are you currently doing any series of blog posts or challenges? Which ones?
7. Favorite TV series?
8. Dream vacation? Who would you take with you?
9. Favorite superhero? Or favorite superpower?
10. This cartoon character summarizes my childhood:
11. One tip I would offer to all new bloggers is…

Spread the love, and happy blogging, everyone!


6 thoughts on “My Very First Liebster Award!

  1. Thank you so much for my nomination. I’m touched. I really enjoyed your answers – it’s a great way of getting to know people better 🙂

    In response to your question about The Fifth Watcher, I have no set plans for the number in the series – I know there will definitely be two more, but that’s all I know! Perhaps if I could stick to one series I might be able to answer 😉


  2. Congrats on your nomination! I’m totally team Android too. I need my buttons. Lol.
    So I wasn’t sure if I was going to do a Liebster post as I’ve done several before, but your questions. They’re perfect. Favorite superhero? This cartoon characters… I love them, so I’m totally going to answer. Soon. 🙂


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