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ROW80 and Create Before 8

First things first, my doodles from the past 24 hours: faces. I switched from a fat sharpie to PaperMate Flair pens, so the lines are more thin and delicate- works better to do women. I don’t know why I’ve done so many, but I like them a lot! Here’s my first one I did last night after work:


…she looks like a movie star, I can’t remember which one (I’m terrible with actor / actress names… it’s not my thing). Then before I went to bed, I added another one:


She was supposed to be a brunette, but I was out of brown. Translation: all my brown pencils were dull and I didn’t want to go upstairs to get a sharpener. So she gets to be blonde.

Finally, this morning’s Create Before 8:


It’s my roughest one… somehow her face shifted and I ended up drawing her diagonally on the paper. But you never would have known that if I hadn’t told you, so it’ll be our little secret.

And now, back to your regularly-scheduled post.

ROW80 check-in cover

First of all, I made this fancy header for ROW80. It’s a combination of my handwriting font I made and an app I have on my phone… more about that later.

ROW80 Goal Updates:

Create Before 8 twice a week: nailed it.

Advent Project: Advent hasn’t quite started yet, but I’m thinking ahead on it. Will have more to report on Sunday.

Comic Book: I’m drawing more (as you can tell), so I hope that I’ll get some ideas and structure laid down before my comic book date. I’m trying to get my mother to do it with me. Maybe we can set a date for it sometime soon.

Lastly, thought not a goal: Layout. I finally found one that I am satisfied with on both my phone and my computer. Hope you like it! Let me know if you find any glitches… I’m going to upload more photos for some old posts next week.

Thanks for stopping by!


5 thoughts on “ROW80 and Create Before 8

    1. That is the question, isn’t it… I’m afraid to commit to a comic book with people because I really struggle with faces. And hands. But I think it would be really cool to do a book-without-words. Maybe this time, maybe next time. It’s just a baby book idea so far. More to come, I hope!

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