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Every blogger / writer knows this struggle…

First, you write a knockout, awesome, highly engaging piece of writing. You’re all fired up about it and think to yourself, “Man. This is the best thing I’ve written yet. I can’t wait to share it with the whole world!” And then you post / publish / share it and…. nothing. No one bats an eye. Okay, maybe you get one like. Sometimes two. Your beautiful work rots in the bottomless depths of the archives.

…But this story’s not over yet.

A day or two later, you slap together some piece-of-crap writing in 10 minutes, and send that haphazard junk out…. and everyone positively loses their minds. “This is so great!” says everyone. Except you, the writer. You sit very still, sometimes weeping a bit on the inside, and smile, utterly bewildered by your reader’s preferences, and repeat the process all over again.

Do you feel it? I feel it.

So, here’s what I’m going to do: all my nuggets of gold, from my baby blog, listed below. I just realized that millennialcreativity is one month old as of yesterday. How cute is that. *pinches blog’s metaphorical chubby cheeks* We should do something to celebrate… how about sharing my favorite posts? Here they be. I hope one or two catches your attention. Enjoy!

PS: for all you bloggers out there: how do you counteract this problem of good-material/bad-material/finding reader’s preferences? Suggestions always appreciated!

Link: My First Header and its Backstory
Why it’s Awesome: Gives a context for the blog and a taste of my artistic style.

Link: Two Capital Sins in One Doodle
Why it’s Awesome: Confronts the question of artistic guilt (and there’s a pretty picture too)

Link: Millennial Misery
Why it’s Awesome: This post isn’t even mine, but it says some pretty poignant things about Millennials.

Link: Blogging101: Your Dream Reader
Why it’s Awesome: More context on what I’m writing, why I’m writing, and who I’m writing to; also includes a poem / prayer that demonstrates my free verse style of poetry.

Link: Seasonal Creativity: Process and Progress
Why it’s Awesome: Creativity from a seasonal and spiritual lens. Why I do, what I do, when I do it.

Link: Creativity Projects
Why it’s Awesome: Handy-dandy resource of projects / programs I want to participate in… you might want to participate in them too

Link: Millennials, Relativity, and Accountability
Why it’s Awesome: On the question of social media etiquette, morality, and accountability, from a Millennial perspective.

As always, thanks for stopping by, and happy writing!

UPDATE: I cannot believe I forgot to add this link to the list: Be careful what you pray for… Do we really think about what we’re praying for? What if God decides to answer your prayers in unconventional ways? Food for thought…


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